best meatballs

I make these quite often, and always for friends. They're a hit, and if I'm giving a meal (instead of having a friend over to eat) they're perfect, because they reheat so well. 375 for 20 minutes and you've got the bets meatballs you've ever had. So if you're having a baby anytime soon (or recently have!), expect a bag of these babies alongside a girl who will want to kiss your child's head for a solid 5 minutes.

Start with lean ground veal. not beef. veal. It makes ALL the difference. Long live veal. I love it. Buy it fresh, and make them right away, so you can freeze them, 'cause you can only freeze and thaw ground meat once I've heard...

Then prep your add-ins. I add hot chili flakes, garlic, sea salt, ground pepper, finely diced red onion and green onion, bread crumbs, chopped fresh parsley

Mix it all together with your hands (start with a wooden spoon and then move to your hands actually). 
Then form into balls (it's really easy! no eggs or milk needed to make 'em "stick") and place on a cookie sheet. freeze the meatballs on the cookie sheet for an hour or so. This is the part where you better not have a side-by-side door fridge. Once they're frozen, place them in a freezer bag and store them until you need to bless a friend or visit a newborn baby. 



  1. How do you prepare them once you defrost them? Do you fry, bake, boil? I am not a food connoisseur like yourself...

    1. Bake at 375 for 20 min on a cookie sheet :)